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Architecture & Interior Design

We carry out end-to-end monitoring of all jobs, from start to finish, both on our own projects and when acting as contractors on third-party projects.

​​​​​​​​We work for owners, tenants and investors from all sectors, including offices, retail units, trade, industry, logistics, hotels, showrooms, fittings, stands and more. We develop interior planning and design projects and create comfortable, efficient work spaces. 

Our team of professionals has over 12 years' experience. These project managers, interior designers, space planners, engineers, site managers, draftsmen, architects and surveyors monitor and supervise every phase of the project.


1.   Installation
We develop interior design projects for start-ups and existing companies that are relocating. 

2.   Refurbishment
Our team specialises in rebuilding or restoring buildings whilst preserving and recovering elements that are key to their image.

3.   Renovation
We help tenants and owners to improve, optimise and modernise their buildings, increasing their value and profitability.

4.   Recovery
Tétris helps tenants to leave their buildings exactly the way they found them and helps owners make their assets as attractive as possible to future buyers or tenants.​