Student Housing in Spain, an evolving sector

There is an increasing number of students that require accommodation in Spain, be them domestic students travelling from other parts of the country or international students, including those on exchange scholarships, such as Erasmus+.

05 de junio de 2019

Spain is an attractive option for international students thanks to the vast number of degrees and masters with a solid reputation overseas. Over the last ten years, several Spanish cities have also endeavoured to restructure and modernise their urban centres in the hope of attracting more tourists, as well as by investing in research and technology to attract top talent from Spain and abroad. This is the case for cities like Valencia, Granada, Bilbao, Seville, San Sebastián and Malaga, as well as Madrid and Barcelona, cities that are already recognised as top university hubs in Europe. The appeal of each city is not solely based on the education options available, but also the quality of life offered to students through an array of cultural and culinary possibilities.

The private sector has responded to this strong demand by investing in new purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) that best meets the needs of today’s students.

However, the private sector is far from covering the current shortfall, with a sizeable number of students in Spain currently unable to secure a place at a student residence. At JLL, we estimate the gap between the current offer and real demand of more than 400,000 beds, up 3.7% on the last academic year.

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