2,000 N95 masks donated to three healthcare clients

Two JLL-ers go above and beyond to get N95 masks to heroes on the front lines.

12 de abril de 2020

At a time when N95 masks are at a premium, Amy O’Brien, VP of Sourcing and Partnerships for JLL Marketplace, was stunned to receive a call from a JLL supplier saying he had 2,000 N95 masks that could be put to use on the front lines.

Amy immediately reached out to Rush University Medical Center, Adventist Health and Main Line Health, three clients she routinely works with, who were thrilled by the offer and agreed to split the masks between them.

Given JLL’s Atlanta office was closed and the masks had to be shipped in one bundle, Amy had the shipment sent to her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. She recruited her JLL teammate and neighbor, Travis Danner, to help her unpack and repack the masks for the three hospitals, while following proper social distancing protocols.

Amy and Travis then took multiple trips to the nearest shipping locations to get the masks delivered quickly.

“We knew how constrained masks were in hospitals and how desperate the situation is for healthcare workers,” said Amy. “To have this special opportunity to make a difference was a miracle.”

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