PODCAST: How automation is reshaping the logistics job market

In a tech-driven world, some very human skills are seen making a big difference

22 de octubre de 2021

Automation isn’t just reshaping how goods travel from factories to front doors.

It’s also reshaping the logistics sector’s workforce. This is true of people on the warehouse floor working shoulder-to-shoulder with robots, but it goes all the way up to the c-suite, with increasingly needs for skills like data analytics and risks management.

While skills needed are a reflection of an increasingly tech-driven sector, at the end of the day one of the most important skills is very human: relationships.

“I think the biggest difference between the companies that will win, and those that will lose, will be people,” says Radu Palamariu, Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Practice at Alcott Global. “The same types of technologies will be available to everybody… but the ability of teams to act fast will make the difference.”

The issue has become increasingly important in commercial real estate, where the logistics-sector boom appears set to continue. According to JLL’s Future of Global Logistics report, 74 percent of surveyed professionals expect demand to grow at pace over the next five years.

Listen to Palamariu and Michael Ignatiadis, head of supply chain and logistics solutions for Asia Pacific at JLL, discuss what skills have made, and broken, logistics businesses in these times of extreme disruption.


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Contacto con Michael Ignatiadis

Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

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