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A large government body saves £2.8M in annualised energy costs

A large government body leveraged JLL smart building solutions to achieve impressive annual energy savings, optimize building performance, and meet stringent data security requirements

The client embarked on a smart building programme across all its sites, with a goal of a 10% utility cost reduction target. JLL secured most of the contracts available through a multi-year contract for implementation and continuous monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD). This represented a significant deployment that involved deploying the technology at various sites throughout the country and collaborating with both client and third-party facilities management teams.


The client sought to optimise the performance of their building portfolio and enhance the utilisation of their smart metring systems. To achieve this goal, they installed IntelliCommand at 53 sites totaling over 16 million square feet, with potential future phases under consideration.

Key elements of the solution include:
  • Integration with dozens of unique Building Management Systems and smart metres, while also addressing the client's stringent data security requirements.
  • Event-specific, automated savings calculations to identify the highest priority tasks for completion and access to operational insights into building and space conditions.
  • Creation of a platform for future smart building system integrations, including smart lighting and occupancy systems.
  • The solution was delivered under a fixed price structure for all sites based on building size.

The implementation of the IntelliCommand system produced significant results:

  • >£2,840,000 in annualised energy savings; <2 year ROI
  • >20,000 unique assets monitored in real time
  • Over 150 unique IntelliCommand client users
  • Multiple contract extensions awarded to JLL